BCRA is actively soliciting donations and other materials for its commitment to it’s maintenance of several emergency repeater networks in the Upper Peninsula.

(Crossed out is completed)

We are actively seeking bids or donations of the following items:

x1 600/1200 feet of Kernmantle Rope 5/8 in (min 56kN / 15287 lbf)

x1 600/1200 feet of Kernmantle Rope 1/2 in (min 9000 lbs)

x1 600/1200 feet of Pelican 1/2 Inch load bearing Double Braid Rope “pull rope”

x1 Capstan Hoist w/truck kit, 1000 lbs / 12v dc

x2 Bluewater Ropes Micro Pulley 22kN

x2 Kernmantle Rope Grab (safety ) 1/2 5/8

x6 Ratchet Type Hard-hat

x4 Tower Training Classes/Timeslots. (Ongoing)

2 Meter Repeater for our Proposed Herman site (Accepting Donations in lieu of a new repeater)

Raspberry PI (For APRS IGATE, and Echolink)

Surge Arresters 0-3000 Mhz

Feedline, heliax of any type, Minimum of 50′

VHF Capable Radios for APRS setup


Cat-5E or Cat-6 Wiring Shielded.




x4 4-7/8” x 3” 7400 Carabiners

x2 4-1/2” x 2-3/4” 7405 Carabiners

x2 7” x 3-3/4” 7420 Carabiners

x2 7” x 4-1/2” 7430 Carabiners

X2 Elk River 29506 Centurion Adjustable Web Lanyard

x1 DBI Sala 1110303 ExoFit XP Tower Climbing Harness

x2 Elk River 35478 Flex-NoPac Lanyard

x5 Ergodyne 3150 Squids Buckle Hard Hat Lanyard

x2 Ergodyne Squids 3780 Power Tool Trap-S

x1 Klein Tools Mini Leather Bottom Bucket